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How to Use the Grade Calculator

Step 1: Input your assignment grades in letters (A, B+, C) or percentages (50, 60, 70) or points.

Step 2: Now input your assignment weight. For example if your Math grade has a weight of 80%, enter 80.

Step 3: Enter all your class grades and weights.

Step 4: Use the add/reset buttons to modify rows as required.

Step 5: When done, click the calculate button to get your weighted grade.

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Why are grades important?

Getting good grades not only helps you get entry into top colleges, but also sets the foundation for landing the job of your dreams. Most experts agree that educational grades are a major factor when being considered for your “first” job. Fresh graduates come out of college with no work experience. So, you have very little leverage to prove your skills and job suitability. In such cases, your prospective employer has to figure out how to make a selection between you and the next promising candidate.

This is when your grades can be the one single factor that can land you a great job.Getting consistent good grades helps you easily get into top colleges and pursue the career of your dreams. If you are planning a professional degree like medicine, law, computer science or business management, you will need top grades to qualify. Most top colleges base their admission criteria on your educational grades. Good grades also create growth and financial opportunities like scholarships, college and state grants and financial aid.

How can I Improve My Grades?

1. Take Good Concise Notes

One first step to improving your grades is to start taking notes in every class. If needed, take an audio recorder and record the teachers explanation and class discussions. Do not procrastinate. Study and listen to your class lectures and go over all the points the very same day. Make a note of topics that you didn’t understand and ask your teacher to help you out.

2. Get Help from Friends

If your friend Sam is good at Math, don’t hesitate to seek help with your problem areas. Try making a study group with friends and exchange notes. Group study can motivate you to study as part of a team. If needed, take some tutoring from experts to help you improve your grades.

3. Avoid Distractions

While studying avoid all kinds of distractions. Store, ipod away your video games, TV remote, cell phone, iPad and iPods. If possible, place your study table facing a blank wall. This will help you focus better. If your study room is near a busy road, try closing your windows to make the room quiet.

4. Stay Fit and Healthy

A healthy body and mind can easily retain and absorb more information. Eating a healthy balanced diet will also help your brain function at it’s best. Get plenty of exercise and proper rest. Sleep at least 7-8 hours a night and maintain a strict sleep routine. This will help you study better and get more success in your life. Here’s wishing you the best years in college. Enjoy your time, study hard, make great friends and reach your career goals.